In a fast-paced technological world, every business needs equipment that balances performance, longevity, and value. Our equipment sales program offers a wide range of office and industrial ICT, electronics and electrical equipment. Our sales team guarantees quality as we only supply OEM equipment from tried and tested vendors. If you are looking to maximize the value of your industrial and office equipment then Shirishanu can help you achieve just that!

Office Equipment
We supply office ICT and electronic equipment including Desktops, Laptops, Ipads & Tablets, Interactive Whiteboards, Touchscreen Interactive TV, Projectors, Digital Signage, Visualisers, Printer/Photocopiers
We supply Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) telecommunications hardware like Test Instruments, switches, routers, gateways, multiplexers, cabling, servers and other associated hardware
Industrial Electronics
We supply industrial equipment such as controllers, transmitters, indicators, level, pressure and temperature measuring instruments, flow meters, chart recorders and power backup equipment

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